Radio & System Maintenance, Monitoring & Repair

The Williams Team has the experience, training and certifications to perform diagnostics, maintenance and repairs. Our service vehicles are ready to respond when you call. 

Your partner in communications

Keeping expensive equipment or communications system in top-notch, reliable, condition requires some regularly scheduled maintenance and incidental repairs.  Williams is with you every step of the way. 

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is performed on a regular schedule.  These check-ups protect against failures that could eventually cause interruptions to your service or usability of your equipment. 

We are ready 24/7/365

In case of a malfunction that interrupts your service, Williams’ technicians have the knowledge and tools to get your equipment up and running. We provide maintenance contracts that provide for 24/7/365 emergency onsite response by a certified field technician with a mobile shop-on-wheels.

We provide the security of expert service and support at a moment’s notice to keep you on the job serving and protecting others.

Remote Monitoring

Williams Technical Service Center located in Tallahassee is able to monitor your system at all times.  Even before you may be aware of a system alarm, our equipment is alerted and technicians are remotely troubleshooting.  Many times the situation can be corrected before the technician arrives at your location, minimizing the amount of time your communication may be interrupted.  This quick resolution ensures your responders are able to communicate quickly and clearly while keeping the community safe.