Dispatch Recorders

Williams’ offers a variety of Dispatch solutions, and partners with many different companies to ensure that we are able to provide what you need, at a price-point that works for you.

Dispatch Recorders

In the world of public safety and emergency response, radio communication is the backbone of the dispatch function, and full time voice recording is absolutely essential. Williams’ offers radio dispatch recording systems that contain certified integrations, and partners with leading radio system manufacturers to span everything from conventional to P25 trunked IP radio recording.


Williams has implemented dispatch centers using a wide variety dispatch console manufacturers including Harris, Avtec, Zetron, Catalyst, Moducom and Omnitronics. Selecting the best solution for a Dispatch Centers requires assessing the needs in their location and matching them with the best technology available.  Our longstanding partnership with these vendors means we can design a solution customized to best support the community with emergency response.

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