in-Building Coverage (BDA)

Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDAs) provide enhanced in-building signals from VHF/UHF and cellular, to multiband and wireless LAN.

Keeping consistent communications in challenging building locations like stairwells, underground tunnels, parking garages, etc. is always a struggle. Bi-directional amplifiers (BDAs) enhance communications by extending two-way radio ranges in hard to reach areas. BDAs are signal boosters that sustain two-way radio communications throughout a facility. BDAs are commonly used in hospitals, schools and other community structures to support the buildings’ compliance with Emergency Responder Radio Coverage codes.   

A Distributed Antenna System (DAS), is designed to use signal boosters and cabling to move RF signals in environments where RF signal previously could not travel due to modern building construction materials like concrete, steel, etc.

The ability to hear and talk to each other in these areas is critical when first responders enter these buildings. Using floor plans and schematics, Williams can determine the best equipment to resolve your coverage issues and eliminate dead spots.

Let us show you how we can improve productivity and safety for first responders as well as your work teams such as maintenance, engineering, operations and security.