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Harris has more than 80 years of experience in public safety and professional communications and supports over 500 systems around the world. They’re the leading supplier of communications systems and equipment that connect, inform and protect public safety, federal, utility, commercial and transportation markets.

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Mission-critical products: Police radios, Firefighters radios, Utilities radios. Purpose-built for first responders and other organizations who cannot compromise safety. The legendary APX series of radios combines sophisticated technology with incredible toughness and precise ergonomics controls.

Whether it’s a rugged workhorse, a sophisticated productivity powerhouse, or a sleek business handheld, Williams can find the solution that’s perfect for you.

Unleash the full potential of your two-way radio with accessories from our extensive portfolio. From smart batteries and charges to discreet surveillance earpieces and durable noise-canceling headsets, you can equip yourself for every eventuality.

Constrained by isolated communication and information systems, traditional command and dispatch systems were difficult to carry out intercommunication and cooperation across departments and regions.


For over 25 years, Hytera has been dedicated to public security and rail transportation industries. With customers’ demands in the center, we have continuously optimized business process, and kept on investing in R&D investment and technical innovation for the purpose of increased customer value. Hytera has provided command and dispatch services for public security agencies and rail transportation lines of many cities, gaining trustworthiness of global customers by its superior products and services.

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Land Mobile Radios (LMR)

Land Mobile Radio Systems provide wireless communications using mobile and portable radios.  These networks are designed to meet public safety, public works and first responders’ critical requirements for urgent communications.

P25 has gained worldwide acceptance for public safety, security, public service, and commercial applications.  It also has matched the needs of other industries such as power utilities and transport systems

Developed by the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials-International (APCO), Project 25 (P25) is a suite of standards for North American digital radio communications for federal, state and local public safety organizations and utilities, allowing for interoperable multi-agency communications during emergency situations.

Radio equipment that is compatible with P25 standards will allow users from different agencies or areas to communicate directly with each other.

Begin the process of moving your communications towards the evolving standards today – Williams can help.

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)

DMR provides an easy migration path and was designed with three tiers. DMR tiers I and II (conventional) were first published in 2005, and DMR III (Trunked version) was published in 2012, with manufacturers producing products within a few years of each publication.

With our system partner, Harris (powered by Tait), we offer a robust line of products to fit the needs of many different industries.

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Land Mobile Radios are used by people while on foot (policemen, security guards) or in vehicles (fireman, sheriffs).

These systems can be implemented independently but most often are connected to other networks and systems.  First responders need reliable systems to operate in any situation. And, they need to work seamlessly between organizations and across geographic boundaries.

Whether you need a network that is trunked or conventional, digital or analog, Williams is experienced in designing, deploying, supporting and servicing your customized solution.

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Secure and reliable communications networks for public safety agencies are essential to their success in protecting communities.  The ability to manage diverse operations, locations and risks is dependent on the effectiveness of a custom-designed network.  

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