Gordon County, Georgia

Gordon County embarked on the task of developing a new radio communications system to support mission critical communications within the County. Identified priorities included increased coverage, infrastructure reliability and hardening in mitigation of natural and man made disasters and heightened terrorist activities and compliance with the FCC’s mandated narrowbanding requirements. Williams’ solution was the result of careful and meticulous planning and research. “Due to the narrowbanding of frequencies, constructing more towers created better coverage”. This allows for maximum interoperability between Gordon and surrounding counties, so emergency services and authorities to freely communicate with other state agencies without interference. Gordon County now has the most up-to-date and modernized level of digital communication. 


8 Harris VHF MASTR III base station repeaters and simulcast equipment configured each of 2 Simulcast RF Sites 

5 position Zetron console dispatch 

An Analog Simulcast Control Point to be housed at Fire Tower Road 

New 230’ tower at Fire Tower Road 

New Alcatel-Lucent Microwave System 

New VHF portable and mobile radios and programming of existing radios 

Williams continues to provide service and maintenance for this system.