Macon-Bibb County, Georgia

The City of Macon, Georgia has taken the first step to give its first responders an interoperable communication system that will seamlessly connect Macon police and fire departments and the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office. The new system will easily accommodate future growth, and integrate with new technologies such as LTE (Long-Term Evolution) networks. “The Harris solution proved to be the most fault tolerant option to give Macon’s public safety agencies the reliability connectivity and functionality they need.” Interoperability is provided with the neighboring county agencies (Monroe and Peach) through use of an intelligent interoperability gateway and the use of full spectrum mobile and portable radios. The new BeOn mobile application lets the Sheriff and Fire Chief monitor emergencies wherever they are, even out of state. 


Three (3) Site, 800 MHz P25 simulcast system 

12 Channels (P25) 

700 Unity XG-100 full-spectrum mobile and portable multiband radios that operate on VHF, UHF, 700/800 MHz frequency bands 

Open Sky overlay supporting a multi-tier mobile data solution enabling constant data connectivity 

13 Maestro IP Dispatch Consoles and supports approximately 1,200 users 

Williams continues to provide service and maintenance for this system.