Floyd County, Georgia

The citizens of Floyd County voted to purchase a modern county-wide 800 MHz digital voice communications system that would be compatible with the Georgia Statewide Communications Interoperability Plan (SCIP) and the Georgia Office of Homeland Security Area 6 Regional Strategic Plan. This new system was designed to improve public safety communications by expanding and improving the current coverage area, improving voice quality, and making more channels available while providing seamless coverage throughout the region. The system was needed to place all government and public safety agencies on one radio system which would allow for interoperability at the local and regional levels. Ultimately, the new system would provide for better coordination during a disaster, and will meet the FCC’s narrowbanding requirement while resolving all current radio communication issues. This P25 solution delivered the reliability and functionality needed for increased safety. 


Ten (10) Sites 

Ten (10) Channels 

800 MHz P25IP GPS simulcast system 

Eleven (11) new Symphony console positions 

Guaranteed Coverage: 

95% coverage for mobile at DAQ 4.0 

95% coverage for portable outdoor at DAQ 3.4 

92% coverage for portable 6dB indoor at DAQ 3.4 

Coverage for portable 25 dB indoor at DAQ 3.4 for critical buildings 

Williams continues to provide service and maintenance for this system.